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Two Bros and a Bong Movie: The Director’s Cut

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I’m not quite sure what “buffering” even is, but apparently people hate it, and our 90 minute comedy sketch caused a lot of it. I was under the impression that we’ve gotten past the point of waiting for things to download, but I guess my eternal optimism once again comes back to bite me. In any case, we’ve released a Director’s Cut of our Two Bros and a Bong motion picture.

Changes Include:

  • No more buffering time.
  • Eighty five added scenes


Two Bros and a Bong: The Movie

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We’ve finally finished our masterpiece.

LetsGoToClass presents our first feature length film. Two Bros and a Bong: The Movie is a genre-breaking project that started back in early 2010, and along the way has evolved and changed to become something that we are truly proud to share with our loving fans.

We hope you appreciate this change in pace from the usual hackneyed formulaic feature length comedy sketches that have polluted Youtube for far too long. Stay tuned for more and, as always, thank you everyone for supporting us.

This internet should be working now

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Hello everyone, Erik here from Letsgotoclass headquarters. Chris and I just got back from a very nice vacation in Egypt. Did you know that you can buy Persian rugs for TEN DOLLARS over there?! I hope things never change for those people — and don’t even get me started about how nice the weather was. Anyway, now we’re back in the states and boy do we have a lot of sketches to make! Just wanted to pop in and let you guys know that we are both still alive, and still working to produce the only sketch comedy videos available on the internet. Soon we’ll be uploading “Two Bros and a Bong: The Movie”, and this month we begin production on episode two of LetsGoToClass! Stay tuned everyone, and we love you all.

-Erik H

LGTC’s Greatest Hits

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Whoa, Two Hipsters and a Bong blew the fuck up the other night. Right now it’s being passed around Tumblr faster than an ironic glamour shot, and even made it to the front page of Reddit! That’s a shitload of traffic! So let me take this opportunity to say hello to all the new people who have no idea who I am or what LetsGoToClass is:

I’ve never put much thought into it before, but LetsGoToClass is almost four years old. I’m pretty sure that means we have another ten years to wait until we can apply to become famous and sell our souls, so until then you guys are going to have to make do with us giving it away for free. Sorry! Check below for a look back on all the best and strangest shit that we’ve done over the years:

Billy’s Guitar Lesson

Our first sketch ever:

Gun Scream

Originally filmed as a commercial for 4 Loko:

Cumming on Pigeons

The only web series ever to be nominated for multiple Emmy’s:

A Wish Pure of Heart

Without a doubt, our classiest work:

Shit’s Gonna Get Nuts

Directed by Spike Lee, a wonderful short film about tripping on mushrooms and becoming a rapping pizza bagel:

Damn this blog post is self promoting as shit. Lemme balance things out a little:

It’s like he’s thinking “UGH! NAILED IT!” Oh and are top 10 lists still cool? I hope I didn’t miss the blog boat on that one, I really want to do a “Top 10 Reasons You’re Not Pregnant Anymore, Cindy” and send it to my girlfriend as she recovers in the hospital.

End Communication,


Like we never left

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Holy shit! Letsgotoclass hasn’t posted anything in the last 8 months? Well that’s weird. Guess we should change that:

New sketch every week from now on, and we’re gonna keep this blog active as shit so bookmark us or rss googlemap subscribe I don’t fucking know. Jesus Christ I should have spent the last 8 months learning how to use WordPress. This website is just like trying to have sex with Michael J. Fox against his will: DIFFICULT.

If you guys want to see something funny, tune into this blog every now and then to see me trying to figure out how to adjust the look of this site. If it suddenly becomes completely broken and stays that way, it means I’ve punched through my laptop monitor.


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